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Taste The Best Indian food at just Indian Palace. We serve various kinds of Indian food dishes that is make your mouth brimming with water and make your stomach satisfy. We serve both Non-Veg and Veg. Indian Palace serves the best combine favour of India.

Indian Palace the best Indian eatery in San Antonio. We serve the finest and most tasty food in San Antonio. We have various sorts of food dishes that remain you of the flavours of India.

Indian Palace in San Antonio is among the top picks of local people to satisfy cravings for mouth-watering Indian dishes. You should attempt our Indian dishes and Indian pastries. This will definitely change your hungriness to a charming mindset. Then, at that point after we most likely assurance, you return each end of the week to make the most of your day with a nearer one. We know the client aversions and preferences while taking references of that we serve you the best.

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No other restaurant in San Antonio serves Indian food like India Palace. The fresh herbs and veggies in our traditional recipes will make you crave for more. Dig your fingers in Indian food and your body will crave for more. The Indian masala is grown and prepared by our chefs. This species gives an aromatic effect to our dishes. We focus on taste as well as the presentation. We have been serving The San Antonio for a long time.

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Our customers Say!

This is such a wonderful place to eat. Very small dining room for a buffet, but nice atmosphere. Food is DELICIOUS. Price is very reasonable, definitely worth the money. If you're curious what real Indian food tastes like, go here! They even give you fresh hot flat bread to eat with your meal! Yummy. I've been here 3 times so far. Love it.

Johnathan Krage

Johnathan Krage

Great food. Glad I was able to serve myself after sanitizing! My girlfriend recommended to me and took me there for my bday! Wonderful time. We're going back soon!

Donnie D.

Donnie D.

So for whatever reason I hear soooo many people talk smack about this place but I don't know why. Every single time that I have been here it was amazing!!! And my favorite food is Brani chicken (At least I think that is how you spell it.) and the amount is great and everything about India palace is great. I have never eaten at the buffet but I ordered to go for like 55+ and they never fail. Not once was there a bad time. The food is so delicious!!! Props to India Palace!!!!!

Abdullah Alqaq

Abdullah Alqaq

Great place that has both lunch and dinner buffet. Food is delicious. My fave is roast tandoori chicken. Super juicy breast meat. They don't use a lot of spice in their food, and there is no overwhelming curry smell when you walk in. If you are used to eating bland food that is free of any spices then it may be noticeable to your constitution.

Ricardo De Leon

Ricardo De Leon

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